Color Switch

Color Switch is a game app that has a simple objective— get as many stars as you can. It may look easy but to get a high score you will need to perfect the timing and will surely test your patience to reach the goal. Be warned that some gamers get frustrated and find it annoying as they find the game kind of hard, while for others, they find this color switch game stress relievingfun and addictive. Others who tried to play the game, said it reminded them of the once so popular game flappy bird.

So, how to play color switch?

The objective is to go up and collect as many stars as you can. However, stars are shielded by rotating colored spheres, and the only way through, is by waiting for the right color to come up and then you execute your move. If you hit the part of the shield with different color, you lose the game and had to restart again.

You just have to tap the screen of your phone to make the ball jump up, and do multiple taps to speed the movement. Timing is a key here, as most of the time you need to keep the ball into a position while waiting for the right color to come up.

There are many modes you can play the game. The classic one is the default mode game to play.

Color Switch Pic 01

Interested to this game, check it now and be ready to TAP TAP TAP! 🙂

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