Hugot Lines During Supermoon

On MondayNovember 14 sky gazers got the chance to witnessed the biggest and brightest moon, the so called “supermoon”. It is considered as special night and rare experience as this is the time the moon reached its closest point to the earth during its orbit. The last supermoon recorded was in the year 1948, and the next supermoon will be witness after 18 years.

In the Philippines, most Filipino netizens took this opportunity to grab their cameras and capture photos of this phenomenon. Supermoon was a trending topic, pictures and videos are shared through various social media sites. And inspired by this event some Filipinos were able to come up with different hugot lines that also went viral.

Here are just some of them : 


Translation: Supermoon, is when you Super love someone who just makes you look stupid.



Translation: Supermoon, is when the earth and moon gets closer to each other.  And while me and my love are distant apart. Charr!


Translation: Supermoon or not, you’re still here in my heart. 


Translation: Are you a Supermoon? Cause I’ve waited for you in a long time, only to find out you will leave me.


Translation: I envy the supermoon for which you lay eyes on, unlike me which even glimpse has none.


Translation: I hope someone will notice me, just like Supermoon.

Do you have any more supermoon hugot lines to add on the list? Share it in the comment box below. 🙂



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