Java Hotel

Java Hotel is one of the nice places you could stay, if you are travelling to Northern Part of the Philippines and decided to stop over and spend the night in Laoag City. The hotel is inspired by Spanish design structure with a Balinese Moroccan atmosphere and a twist of Ilocano touch.

The rates were reasonable without compromising the cleanliness, spacious, comfortable and complete amenities of the rooms , hospitality of the staff and huge parking space.It has a recreational facilities like tennis court, fitness gym, swimming pool, wall climbing, playground for kids and souvenir shop.

Beside the hotel there is a popular Eagle’s Nest Bar & Restaurant that could be the best place to spend your nights drinking beer served “below zero” and sampling the vast array of appetizing dishes from Japanese, American and Filipino delicacies.

The only drawback about the hotel is situated behind a gasoline station and from the highway the view is blocked. Also, you have to wait for quite some time before breakfast orders are being served and poor internet service. But overall it’s a good and nice experience to stay. 🙂


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