Jose Manalo Accidentally Falls Into River

Jose Manalo
photo screenshot from youtube

Jose Manalo accidentally falls into river during the live airing of the “Juan for All, All for Juan”  segment of the longest running noontime show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga. 

The accident happened when the cast of “Juan for All, All for Juan”, tries to locate the home of a winner for the segment. The house was erected over the river, and to access it, one has to go over a narrow wooden bridge or you can choose to ride a raft and pull yourself using set of ropes.

Jose being confident and tries to put on a good laugh, decided to use the second approach, that is to ride the raft.

Unfortunately, when everything seems to go well, he gets entangled with the ropes and lose balanced, and fell on the water.

Audiences on the location and in the studio can’t help to shout and laugh at what happened, kind of mix emotions actually, happy and grossed as the same time. Jose recovered from the accident and decided later to deliberately fall the second time just to show the public how it all happened, as it was not captured on LIVE TV. He  said that, the experience was refreshing, and the water was nice and good to swim too, which was of course only a joke.

Jose Manalo shows his professionalism and how good he is as entertainer by turning this accident into something hilarious and keeping the show from going.

If you haven’t seen this epic fail, you can watch the video here

But a Facebook user named Richard Palace uploaded a fancam footage. The video caught the actual fall of Jose on the river. The video immediately went viral on social media and had already over 1.4 million views and counting as of today.

yan si jose walang arte! salute! @EatBulaga

Posted by Richard Palace on Monday, June 13, 2016

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