Pak Ganern Challenge

Pak Ganern is the latest Filipino catch phrase that is getting very popular these past days, it may express happiness, excitement, shock or amusement. The origin of the word comes from the sound “pak” which is mostly produce by objects colliding, like hitting something with your fist, or the clapping of hands. While “ganern” on the other hand is a colloquial term for the Filipino word ganoon or ganun which means “like that”.

Recently some group of high school kids from Laoag, Ilocos Norte made a game out of this. Then later the hosts of the popular noon time show “It’s Show Time” played the game during one of their episodes. Vice GandaBilly Crawford, Jhong Hilario and Vhong Navarro played the game over live television, and becomes a hit and gone trending over social networks, and floods views on youtube. On the instagram of Vice Ganda, he posted a picture with a caption “Ang laro ng tunay na lalaki” (the game of the real man).

For those who are not familiar with the pak ganern game, here’s a brief overview and game mechanics.  The game is a combination of clap, hip shaking and your utmost concentration. It may involve a minimum of two players, but like the saying “the more, the merrier”. To start the game, the participants should form a circle, side by side they must be able to reach each others hand for the clapping. Participants will then sing the rhythmic “Pak Ganern” song, initially, the pak ganern will be sang normally, pak means one clap while ganern means a hip shake. Then on the second round pak and ganern will increment by 1 and so on. Any player who commits the mistake of not being able to clap or shake hips correctly will be eliminated from the game, until only one player remains and will be declared the winner.

See some videos who already played this game.

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