Pineng Powerbank PN-999 unboxing review

Pineng Powerbank PN-999 is a high performance, high capacity Power Bank that can power up and revive any battery empty mobile device. It has two USB power ports the can work simultaneously two charge two devices without compromising performance.

The Powerbank comes in a sealed cardboard box marking the model number and it’s specifications, and it comes in Black or White colors. Opening the box will present you with a nice looking and well built powerbank, included in the box are the powerbank itself, the user manual and a usb cable.

The Pineng Powerbank incorporates high technology for efficiency and safety. It MCU chip the controls smooth operation, like the built in LCD which displays accurately and in real time the percentage of power remaining. The MCU is also responsible for maintaining the correct voltage output on both the USB ports, to insure proper volts and amps are supported throughout the charging process, so that your device can achieve full battery charge.

One thing to note about this powerbank is that, it doesn’t come with a wall charger. Charging this powerbank would require 5 volts, and advisable 2Amps charger. Lower amps charger is supported but would need quite some time to fully charge. Charging time using a 2amp charger took approximately 8 hours on a fully drained battery.

You can watch the unboxing video below:

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