Virtual Reality Glasses: VR Box unboxing review

Virtual Reality Glasses are becoming popular these days as it has become much cheaper and now more accessible to everyone. Some online store offers 3D glasses such as the VR BOX at around $4 and relatively good quality. It will allow you to do 3D virtual reality gaming on your android and ios mobile devices. And you can watch 3D videos as well, or watch 2D videos as if you’re watching it on a big screen.

VR Box Cardboard

VR BOX built quality is good and pretty much solid, head straps are adjustable to accomadate your preference. The lens can be moved side ways, forward or backward so that you can make the necessary adjustments for the best focus and display.

VR Box Lens

It is compatible with Google Cardboard and Google Camera, and virtual games such as House of terror and many more. The mobile device tray can accommodate screens of 4 to 5.5  inch displays, ideally the resolution should be HD or greater to provide clear and detailed displays.

VR Box Tray

You can watch VR BOX unboxing video below:


3D Apps and videos are graphics and processor extensive, therefore can drain your battery quickly. It’s a good thing there are power banks out there that are of good quality and dependable. Like the Pineng PN-999 Powerbank, which packs latest technology to protect your devices and are safe to use. You can check the review and unboxing here.


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