In this 21st century, millions of photos and videos are being uploaded and posted daily into social networks and other media services. Most smartphones today have built in camera that you can use to take photos and record videos, thus more people can engage into the hobby of photography and videography without the need for expensive and specialized equipment.


However, we are now on an era of great innovation on camera technology, small and lightweight cameras that can capture HD and even 4K photos and videos. Photography and videography is now taken into a new level as various start up and companies begun to offer drones that are easy to maintain and operate by the common people at an affordable price. This open up great flexibility for the hobbyist and professional photographers being able to capture photos and videos in a new perspective and different angles.

So what are these drones?

drone, in a technological context, is an unmanned aircraft .

Drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Essentially, a drone is a flying robot.


phantom 4 camera drone pic 01phantom 4 camera drone pic 02phantom 4 camera drone pic 03
 Commercial drones nowadays are use to capture stunning footage in an aerial view (with the help of the High Tech Camera). It’s the eye from the sky, and mostly used for taking pictures and videos on storage or via streaming LIVE videos into a base station. This footage are great for advertising and promotions, for instance hotelresortsrestaurantssports activities  and even capturing prenuptial videos.

Another great use for Drones is for surveying the environment and having a birds eye view of a location, one can easily see the overview of structuresplantstreeswater bodies and etc. It can also  be a good tool for firefighters , policesecurity and protective agencies in their search and rescue missions, and for mobile intelligence and military reconnaissance.

But overall, Drone in this context is about taking photography in a new level and perspectivecapturing photos and creative ideas, and exploration that will create amazing memories you can share to your family and to the world.



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