EverWing is a game created by Blackstorm Labs for Instant Games platform in Facebook Messenger. Playable on iOS, Android, any other mobile platform with Messenger or any touch-screen computer.

How to play EverWing?


EverWing is a vertical scrolling shooter game in which Guardians, and  Sidekicks fight against horde of powerful Bosses and Monsters!

You can play instantly by tapping on the Games icon on Facebook’s Messenger app from within a chat. The icon looks like a game controller and is located near the field where you type your messages.

On this game, you can team up with your friends in Boss Raids to destroy the most powerful Bosses for even greater rewards. Invite your friends by creating a chat group in Facebook Messenger. Once you have the chat group created, just start a game of EverWing by tapping on the Games icon and select EverWing!



Contents of EverWing

  • Guardians – the playable characters of EverWing

ALICEGuardians of Courage, she never backs down from a challenge and is always first to the front lines of battles


FIONAGuardian Of Dragons, she was born in the wilds and raised by dragons. When dragons fly with her, they earn 2x XP!


SOPHIAGuardian Of Adventure, renowned explorer, inventor, and scientist, she is 2x faster completing Quests.


LILYGuardian Of Fortune, a master Alchemist and Mage of the Third Order, she earns 2x Coins. Cha-ching!


AURORA Guardian Of Nature, caretaker of the forest, a true sister to Nature. Her enchanted super magnet attracts items!


LENOREGuardian Of Twilight, a mysterious loner, with a dark and haunting past, some say she acts as if she has 2 lives..


JADEGuardian Of Shades, she can become invulnerable and double damage after charging up.


ARCANAGuardian Of Magic, this sly illusionist has a few tricks up her sleeve. She can clone sidekicks after charging up.


  • Sidekicksalso called the Dragons, creatures that can be bought as egss, through either coins or trophies  in the Dragon Roost or obtained by challenging friends to play EverWing.


  • Monstersenemies of Everwing. They attack by charging player in rows, or in the case of the meteors, travel fast near the player. Monster’s health is lowered by bullets from the player and sidekicks.


  • Bosses between waves of monsters, there are bosses that have much higher hitpoints. Most also attack you with projectiles.


  • Itemsthe scoring of Everwing


  • Levels


  • Quests are one of the features of EverWing located in Adventure Guild, where players gather rewards from.


  • Sneak Peeks


Interested to this game, check it now and shares your thoughts below!

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