“Facebook Motherhood Challenge” Sweeps Social Media

Maybe some of you are wondering what are this “Motherhood Challenge” being posted and bombarding your news feed these past days. Well it’s origin remain unknown, but its becoming popular in Facebook Philippine users.

Apparently how the campaign/challenge works is that you post a picture of anything that you think would best describe you as a happy and fulfilled mother, and adding on it’s comments the word “Motherhood Challenge”, with some brief explanations of the challenge and maybe additional message. You can nominate or tag your friends, whom are mothers as well, and that you think are fabulousamazing and extra ordinary mothers who might be willing to take the challenge and do the same thing, that is to share a picture and then nominate/tag their friends as well.

The challenge has of course sparked some different opinions among social network users.

Some find it annoying as their news feeds are getting flooded by post from other friends joining the challenge.

Some people enjoying & agreeing the motherhood challenge, others saying that it is just a bit of fun.

For others, the idea of posting your child photos on social media and saying your happy seems unnecessary and uncalled for.

And can be an insensitive gesture for others, like the comment below from a disgruntled user :

“Are we all just so selfish and desperate to show off our perfect families that we have to take a ‘challenge’ like this without any concern for the people among our friends who might be experiencing one of the above? Seriously, AIBU? Am I taking this too seriously and getting irritated by a bit of fun?! It’s really f****** bothering me.”

 Be careful on whom you tag, as you know, being fun for you may not be for others. 


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