In this age where sharing photos and videos have become the mainstream of digital media, everyone wants to capture every moment of what is happening around them, and as much as possible have the ability to post it immediately into their news feeds on social medias. And most often the quality of photos and videos shared depends entirely on the device that is being used.

There are people who prefer to spend a little extra to buy studio grade video recorders, others buy DSLR camera and high end lens for their product photography, while others simply use their smartphones. The caveats of this devices is that, they are not meant for extreme sports, adventure & water activities without special handling procedures and custom made installations. And this is where GoPro, a tiny device that packs great features,wide angle recording, full HD(now 4K) recording and can capture still photos, and its rugged design and waterproof case makes it stands out above the rest. You can mount it almost anywhere, on your bike, helmet, vehicle, under you boat and many more.

So what is a GoPro?

GoPro is HD-quality, waterproof, video recording device, often called an action camera because it is mostly used in extreme action video and photography. It can capture still photos and video through wide angle lens while being remotely controlled or configured automatically. It is lightweight, compact, and mountable virtually anywhere. It was founded by Nick Woodman, as a solution to his problem of capturing great photos of himself while surfing.

Currently, GoPro’s current top camera models,  are the

1. Hero Session

Hero Session

2. Hero 4 Silver

Hero4 Silver

3. Hero 4 Black

Hero4 Black

 Anyway, if you are the  type of person that could wait, there are rumors that a new GoPro named Hero 5 will out this year in the month of October. 🙂


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