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Honestly is a mobile application that can be installed for both IOS and Android devices. The application is like an online forum where anyone can add topicspost and comments to basically anything they want. The app publisher claims that all post or comments you made will be anonymous.

Yes, that’s right! No one’s know who you are so you can say anything that you want! The whole concept is to just express yourself freely 🙂



This is a place where you can express yourself through words or by sharing pictures. You can browse on topics and groups that interest you the most, and you can like post and leave comments without anyone knowing your identity.


honestly app 03    honestly app 04      honestly app 01


It does not require a registration, or no need to log in or create a personal profile. Once you you have downloaded the app you can use it right away. You can expresses yourselves without pressure, either you write postspost pictures.

Honestly… app is the exclusive property of MixerBox Inc. 555 Bryant St Suite 218, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA. All rights reserved.

If you wanted to have this app, you can download it at app store or google play store. Try it and you’ll love it. This app have a very good rating and review, see for yourself go check it out. 🙂


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