MMA Fighter Kimbo Slice Passes Away At 42

kimbo slice 08Professional Mixed Martial Artist Kimbo Slice better known as Kimbo Cheesecake Slice passed away on Monday (June 6) at age 42.

Local media reports said that Slice whose real name is Kevin Ferguson had been hospitalized earlier Monday in Margate, Florida. His official website also confirmed his death. He was earlier diagnosed with a mass on his liver, and died a short time later because of a heart failure.

Slice had six children, three boys and three girls. He became an internet sensation for mutual combat street fights which were posted online leading Rolling Stone to call him The King of The Web Brawlers.  A heavyweight at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds, he had a 5-2 professionsl record with four TKOs.

Lots of MMA fighters, as well as athletes in other sports, and fans expressed their grief on social media.

Here’s some of reaction to Slice’s death.

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