Ramadan 2016

Today is the first day of Ramadan, the annual event that marks the anniversary when Allah revealed the first verses of the Quran(the holy book) to the prophet Muhammed.

It is a month long celebration observed by Muslims around the world. Throughout this month(Ramadan Kareem), Muslim faithfully abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and engage from sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk. They use the time to focus on reading the Quran and engaging in charity work. They also refrain from gossiping and fighting during this time.

All Muslims around the world are expected to participate, with the exception of the elderly or sick women, women who are pregnant or have just given birth and women who are menstruating. Instead of fasting, these women can provide food to a homeless person or donate enough money to cover the cost of feeding a person for the month of Ramadan.

Muslims break their fasting at sunset with a special meal, iftar , and perform additional nocturnal worship, tarawih, after evening prayer; and before dawn have a second opportunity to eat and drink during suhur.

At the end of Ramadan there’s big celebration called Eid al-Fitr, which is comprised mostly of feasting and prayers. The celebration traditionally, is a time for family reunion and the favored holiday for children who receive new clothing and gifts.The last day of Ramadan 2016 is TuesdayJuly 5th 2016 and WednesdayJuly 6th 2016, as it differs by country.


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