Rodrigo Duterte: Life Advice from the President

There is a new web application app that is starting to get very popular in the Philippines, the name of the app is “Ano ang payo sa’yo ni President Duterte” that can be accessed through The app will require you to use your Facebook account to login, however no personal data will be use and stored in that app.

Once successfully logged in, fictional President elect Rodrigo Duterte in Philippines will give you a random and  funny advice, the advice may contain expletive words, but it will be masked with a red box. Your supposed to be response will also be generated by the application automatically, whats left for you to do is to click the view results button.

Overall the app is fun and exciting, it will surely give you a nice laugh or if your one of those those anti-duterte, I recommend you this app, maybe you’ll uncover a good advice that will change your mind.

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