Security Guard Now A Lawyer

roy lawagan

Never give up on something that you really want if you have a dream chase it! Because of hard work, determination and commitment to chase his goal, a security guard who works at Commission on Audit office in LA TRINIDAD BENGUET is now a lawyer.

ROY LAWAGAN who works at daytime while attending classes at night time in Saint Louis University, was able to managed and pursue his dreams to become a lawyer. And is now an instant celebrity on social media and inspiration to most of us when he passed the NOVEMBER 2015 Bar Exam.

He failed, but he didn’t stop there; when he did not pass the 2014 bar exam despite having enrolled in a review center, he never lose hope, but instead decided to review more on his own and lead him to take another shot on the exam in 2015 were his painstaking hard word paid off. Roy Lawagan was among the new 1,731 lawyers of this country!

Now being a lawyer, he is now open to more opportunities including a job offer from a law firm in Manila and gain experience. He currently still working as a security guard until May 15, then move to manila and practice his new career as a lawyer.

All of us has dreams but only few pursue them. Roy Lawagan showed us that with dedication and hard work, something that look impossible became possible. Cheers to you ATTY. Lawagan  and goodluck on your new adventure.  🙂


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